The Lucke One

The Lucke One 

Lucke me I'd say when you looked my way  
I knew it was love at first sight when you  
Looked in my eyes . 
oxygen please when he kissed me , 
I never thought I'd be so lucky enough to get  
This man knows how to love , 
To encounter such sweethearts like this I am so blest , 
The kind of loyal companions he gives , 
The nights are sheen heaven , 
The moon of the night shines so bright on us , 
We all seek in our adult life for a life like this to come alone . 
For he the ones who speak the truth of Jehovah's love  
When that love comes face to face

you know Jehovah sent It your way .

Poetic Lilly Emery (c)


Kristen Landgrebe

Very Cool Lilly,keep on doing what you love!


feels romantic, i like it!! you're cool lilly

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