A Magnanimous Day

Wed, 03/04/2015 - 22:08 -- h2kids


A sigh of relief and contentment is released as I leave

My insecurity and my need

For perfection at the small classroom door

Of the three year olds.

I embrace their happy dispositions and

I live for a day in their world 

Without the grunge of sacraficing 

Myself in order to fit in. 


My beauty is not stifled by make-up

Rather, my face glows

With the smiles and the kisses

Of the children. 

Rather than carefully combed,

My pixied hair is somewhat unruly,

Displaying my rebelliousness within.


Ms. Belinda greets and embraces me at her desk.

She does not judge my appearance

But celebrates my personality and my quirks.

Immediately, I feel at home and at peace within myself.


I go about the day happily tying shoes

And creatively "scribble-scrabbling" on paper.

My only two worries are

Who am I going to share my lunch with?


Who is going to play chase with me?


At recess, the little boys are amazed at my speed while playing chase

And the little girls are in awe at my extensive knowledge

Of Disney Princesses.

At this time, my grown up duties are relinquished 

Through the freedom of my inner child.


In the everyday cycle of moods, I wish to be

A child again

But the wonder and joy on their faces

Make my being grown up

Worth all the hard work and frustration.


After the blue and white cots are laid out

And the children have piled

Their pillow pets and blankets on top,

I carefully pull tiny, iridescent shoes off

Each and every child's foot

Before I take the pleasure 

Of tucking them in. 


Behind the backdrop of the pale darkness

And the children's sweet snores as our music,

I sometimes want to pull out a cot

And partake in the dream making.


The next hour and a half is spent in a light, deep conversation

With Ms. Belinda,

A second mother.

Undoubtedly, I complain about anything

From the crazies at school, the bullies and the preps.

And of course, who I will ask to the dance.

More importantly, I gratefully receive much needed advice

On how to be the perfect teacher.

We discuss the similarities between her and me.

As well as, the similarities between her daughter and me. 

The conversation shifts to sharing the stories of life

And enjoying the comforts of one another's presence. 


At the end of the day, I share the same

Reluctance to leave

As the children.


For, I am unwilling to part

With my truly perfect, yet

Magnanimous day. 










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