me and rape

one day this little girl was raped

she was raped by so many men that she didnt want to leave in this world no longer

she cried every night till she couldnt take it 

but one day she was walking down the street when someone pull her into an alley

she taught that it was happening again

she knew it was time to take a stand so she ran

she knew that she was a beautiful lady

when she got home she taught to herself 

if i leave now they cant hurt me anymore 

that same day she found out that she was pregant 

she  wanted to keep it 

she cried  and cried 

she decided to get down on her knees and she

she prayed to god saying that she need him

when he anwsered she thankful

she was able to open up to him and say she wants to live her life she wants to be herself and stand up to those men that hurt her to where she thought she was broken but she wasnt

she said to herself that she will no longer be raped and she will take care of this child with all the love and care and respect she has left

she said she would never left someone else take away her pride,respect, love ever again!!!!!!!!!!!!


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