The Minnesota Flaws

How can a place so cold put on such a warm face?

Gemini’s would even be surprised by the two-facedness.

When will we come together as one and free ourselves from the races?

Not today, not tomorrow, all of us are in different places.  (mar)

Not too much of anything is ever good.

It’s like bringing someone from war and then back to the hood.

You can’t racially profile without those who don’t know the difference between a punch to the stomach and a smile.

History repeats itself, if only in different forms.

Just seen Hitler last week in one of the U of M dorms.

Make sure you’re awake to everything that surrounds,

or this fine state with 10,000 lakes will see to it you drown.

They’ll vote democratic

But refuse to see the static

Between whites and minority people.

Regardless of what we mention

They’ll refuse to believe and listen

That  we are not equal.

How can a state so nice produce so much ice?

Chills crawling up my skin.

Regardless of what you’re told, it is freezing and brutal cold,

Minnesotan’s are not your friends.


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