" Mirror"

Sun, 06/23/2013 - 17:29 -- Dee

- I did'nt come out the whom hating you

-- I'am the enviornment and the  creationof you

-- So if you see me , and don't like me, Just remember that I'm the splitting image of you

--- Dee how did you get this way

----what happened to you

---- It's  like you magically change over night

----- What did i do, Its n not my flaut!!!

------- It's what you did but what you did'nt DO!!!!!!

--------So don't sit and try to act like this thing is brand new

-------- It's been a long time coming, and your day is past due

---------- But that's why they say karma is karma, and pay back is too!!

------------- You'll reep what you sew and it will come back 10 folds on you!!!!!!!

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