Mirror Mirror on the wall


I am the word that beyonce has made famous

I am flawless

I am me


I am one that has worked on a school grade day in and day out

That has never stopped to see the moon fall when there is something else that is truly only around for a bit  

I am me


and every time I look in the mirror I see in to another dimension

another dimension that isn’t who I want to be

You see being “Flawless” does not mean to be perfect

To be flawless it mean to be perfect in mirror when you’re the one judging yourself


So next time you look

look a little closer

look a little longer

and see that you are still being molded into what god sees you in the future


I am still pottering clay

I am flawless due to that type of imperfection

Due to there not being a billboard of a vision of how clay has to look like to be flawless  


I am not drowned by ideas of other telling me to look different because they want to see something different

Because they want to see something better

But you see they don’t understand that my mirror reflect the words flawless when I look into it

and maybe my mirror has cracked a little bit more day after day

showing less perfection and more flaws than normally


But I hold tight to the image I always saw in the mirror

and I make it a wallpaper to my mind reminding myself

that you are no longer flawless once you judge yourself a one out of five in the mirror

Because I am happy with me so I judge myself a five

I am happy with my reflection  so I judge myself a five

I happy,..... and that good enough for a five


And maybe one day I shall meet my queen

And maybe one day she shall tell me I am flawless

Just as I repeat it to her


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