More than enough


Loving, caring, an open book

Trustng of others without a second look

It's crazy how I can see the best in others

But it took me so long to see the best in me

Who I was used to depend on how others felt

I would sell myself short and accept it as the cards that were delt

It took me some time to see how valuable I was

And understand that unconditional was the purest form of love

So I tried it out, you know...loving myself

And was amazed at how if felt to love, like everyone else

Being confident in me, trusting who I was 

And understanding that it takes a process to become

A queen, a gem, valuable amongst many

A person with mistakes but more dreams and lessons, contrary

To popular belief that is, you know going against the grain

To win a battle of self defense and to reclaim who I really am

A star in the sight of darkness a smile that could light up a room

She is Me, a beautiful woman who is ready to bloom. 


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