My Bucket List


Everywhere I turn

I see filters all around.

Always "improving."


Everything is now

made to be society's

version of beauty.


Auto tuned voices

and photo shopped images

contradict themselves.


They aim to make things

better than they were before,

but instead cause pain.


My self-esteem runs

a high risk of being hurt

every single day.


Am I beautiful?

What do people think of me?

Am I good enough?


The definition

of beauty is now something



Something I can't reach

no matter how hard I try.

Now it's perfection.


What if I chose to

dispose of all things filtered?

What would life be like?


All my radios

only playing live music.

It sounds beautiful.


All of my photos

posted without a filter.

They are beautiful.


All of my worries

of what people think of me

are disappearing.


Without the filters,

looking like I just woke up

wouldn't bother me.


I could stop caring

about how big my hair is

on a bad hair day.


I could wear tank tops

that show off my farmer's tan

and be proud of it.


I wouldn't have to

feel ashamed of the HUGE zit

that's on my forehead.


I could sing any

song without having to care

about being flat.


I could shout out loud

all the things that I believe

are overrated.


I could look into

the mirror without giving

a thought to my weight.


I could make known all

of my awkward little quirks

that I keep hidden.


I could let people

see the real me who's been too

scared to show herself.


I could finally

feel free from everything that

life has forced on me.


I hope that someday

I can take back what the world

has taken from me.


I am beautiful,

and there's no need to put a

filter on my life.


I don't need to keep

improving myself when there's

nothing to improve.


The definition

of beauty isn't perfect.

It is simply me.

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