My Dream Job that will Change Another's

My dream job will create unknown possibilities for babies, children and adults who never thought past their barrier.

Riding a bike, walking, running and playing will never just be a dream that will end when they open their eyes.

Hope, faith, and genuine love drives me to see a smile on an innocent face and my key of dedication will unlok their chains of dispare.

To ensure a future will be brighter with a glow upon my face to theirs after achieving a goal.

To know that this is not just a job but a passion that burns inside of me.

And to witness progression of that fragile flower becoming stronger is what helps me want to succeed.

My dream job is to be an Occupational therapist.

A person who finds new and creative ways to carry out an activity by being patient and breaking it

down, to ultimately create independence of the person.

Work will began to be play and dedication will turn into a lifestyle.

That one job that may change my life will help change another.


- Ruby D



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