My heaven on earth

I solemnly declared as alone in my planet of earth
So dull as I've been alone
So lonely even hearing the sounds of passing by flying flies and butterflies
My heaven on earth.

You came like appearance of two roads to heaven an hell
I was clueless which one to choose
I used my spiritual senser to sense one that leads me to heaven
Today am heavenly sent and saved in heaven.

You appeared like a dream
Appeared like an angel in my dreams nor sweet dreams
In dreamland my dearest angel from where the angels get lost
In Lost Angels.

Too bright and whiter that the greater karoo winter snow show in breakfast show bowl
Thickness of your blood-type better that human blood that is splashed and flushed away on dirty streets.

Combination of our hearts made me produce unspoken unwrapped words in naked minds
And made me bring sight
in blinds in their eyes.

The song of heaven is ringing in my ears
I hear the heavens playing my song
And am dancing along thee heaven song make me wanna dance more.

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