My life


United States
34° 11' 25.0872" N, 119° 13' 34.5612" W

Everything is going just right,

so far in my life. 

I was born on March 19,1997

Unfortunately, December 29,2005,

when I was almost 9,

my grandmother died.

And went back to heaven.

I was born and raised in the D.

Detroit is the  best place to be.

Henry Ford,

Is the hospital where I was born.

I'm not your average kid,

i'm multitalented

I was the freshman co-valedictorian,

and sophmore, junior and senior class salutatorian,

and i'm the senior class historian.

Not to mention I write my own short stories, and poems and I play the bass drum,

I shine brighter than the sun.

I'm A hustler  , all I know how to do is get bread,

Mess with me and I will rearrange your face like you are a potato head.














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