My Love for My Lord & Savior Jesus Christ

Pass me the mic so i can tell you about eternal life in Jesus Christ 

The night is dark but He is the light that shines so bright 

The flame that sparks and ignites the fire in my soul 

When my heart turns cold 

God's word never grows old

lead me to the rock that is higher than I. 

Take away all of my pride. 

Humble me Lord thy God

For it is not I, but it is YOU.

Jesus... I'm in love with YOU. 

I'm in love with Your love.

I'm in love with Your presence, 

Your word that taught me so many lessons 

I dont deserve all of Your blessings. 

Yet, you still give me unconditional love & protection.

The one above 

You are my HONOR 

No weapon formed against me will prosper

When I praise Your Name its like a loud roar 

My aches and pains hurt to the core 

But when I praise Your name they don't hurt no more 

When I praise Your name You open doors 

The praise of the name Jesus can bring change to a starving nation 

That needs salvation 

He can heal the patients in the hospitals 

and help them overcome their obstacles 

I might stumble and fumble but I will not fall because Jesus helps me stand tall  

This is the goodness of God's grace 

Seek His face 

And he will erase all of your scars and all of your sin 

And in the end

"We" His people will win. 


This poem is about: 
My country
Our world


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