To my lust friend

Before we met

there were things I didn't quite understand

of how hormones can control my body 

of what desires I seek

but yet

after we met, after a shake on the hand

what I didn't expect you to be 

is someone who wants to take a peek


Our experiences have been fun

causes me to want more

more and more of you

yet when the deed is done

we weren't the same like before

made me feel blue


The recent experience 

we were almost caught

causing us to be in dilema


my parents aught 

for me to leave the drama


yes I'm afraid we must now part

or we end up being in trouble

you will have a spot in my heart

a thought bubble


I want you to know this 

from our last kiss

is what I will miss

our lust for each other will forever be a bliss


Goodbye lust friend


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