My Poetic Romance

Sat, 08/03/2013 - 12:14 -- NTM2020


She comes to me feverishly in the night,

relishing in the moonbeams soft as

her fingertips, cool to the touch,

ever invigorating as the seconds tick on,

passion now turned to warmth,

setting my wick aflame.

She burns bright as a million pixels,

pixels filling the night sky with wonder,

specs of ink across a page the reflection,

clearer than any sea, not a ripple to beset

her beauty incomparable to a summer’s day,

she the captain of my soul,

or perhaps wiser than the one who took

the yellow-wooded road,

diverging from abstractions,

converging with skin and bone and

lips so sweet to kiss,

each exchange met with fireworks,

intensity that inspires my heart to

conspire in her brilliant scheme,

to wrap her in my arms,

embrace her hopeful eyes in mine,

and hope she returns the favor.

She is hidden behind every

letter of the alphabet,

every dash at the end of a stanza-

every thought to cross a page.

She is the reason I breathe,

her’s is the cradle for my love,

she is my dream come to life.


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