Negative Zero

Negative zero was born as a second child to married parents who would soon be a single mother Negative zero grew up moving from place never quite sitting down even when settled negative zero loves superheroes negative zero would sit around waiting to watch powerpuff girls because she thought she was bubbles and her sister ten was blossom cause she always knew what was going on negative zero didn't have a lot of friends because people thought she was weird negative zero grew up never sat down never got less weird she was in 7th grade when she learned that whatever her mother named her whatever her friends called her didn't matter because a boy decided to call her a negative zero that then she went about her life with her new name her new existence like no matter what she did where she went she was negative zero but she is older now she goes by phoebe and she just wants to say NEGATIVE ZERO ISN'T A REALLY NUMBER YOU DUMB PRICK WE WENT TO A MAGNET SCHOOL

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