Never Alone



My heart beats

Slowly rocking me back and forth.

A whisper pierces the air

Can you hear it?

Of course not, I am alone.


How I wish for one,

Just one to break the stillness.

How I wish for touch,

For passion, for conversation,

For comfort, for love,

For someone to end this stretch of time

Where the only thing I can distinguish from these four painted walls

Is myself.


Oh, but there is one.

Just one.

That one is who holds me,

Who motivates me, who cares for me,

Who rescues me.


That one is who loves me,

Who protects me,

Who forgives me, but never forgets me.

Who caresses my cheek,

Who washes away my tears.


A whisper pierces the air

Can you hear it?

Maybe you can't, but I can.

I am not alone.

Never alone.


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