New Me


United States
41° 1' 4.836" N, 111° 57' 51.0228" W

All my life I've bit my tongue,

shushed myself so i didn't sound dumb,

I've hid my face and lowered my voice,

never gave myself a choice,

I've been afraid of the whole world,

everyday sense I was a little girl,

tried to blend i n to not stand out,

not be too quiet but never could I shout,

I was always too tall too smart too quiet,

never good enough but I'm done I dont buy it,

they can all laugh in my face i dont give a fuck,

I'm tired of dreaming I won't give up,

this is me this is my life,

and that won't dissapear with the sound of a knife,

no no i will no longer cowewr in fear,

i will be happy there will be no more tears.



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