New People

People are interesting: are they not?

You may never agree completely and sometimes not at all

They are always changing.

Because most people are dynamic beings, not static beings,

          never metamorphosing into something new.


One day I agree with myself on every subject

Like a aged sage nodding along as he speaks, continually agreeing with himself.

And the next I am a sparkling contradiction,

Not unsatisfying, but full of interest and newness.


Static people never get worse, but do they improve?

This is what is called, "Being alive, but not living."

Never letting your eyes see what has been there all along, 

Just from a new perspective or angle cannot be good.


Stand for what you believe in, but DO NOT

Close your eyes when you have questions or new info.

Explore! Have faith to fall back on,

See the world afresh, amazing, and anew!

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Our world
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