Night Walks


I remember our night walks.
Heavyset; a lunar peach in the sky to be our only guide.
Cobblestone would melt to autumn leaves beneath our feet,
As we left the urban jungle
To unveil the secrets of the stars.
The willow tree was our salvation,
Within the confines of her looming embrace
I would pour myself into you,
A bottle of cough syrup
Nestled warm against your chest,
As your fingers recited Moonlight Sonata over the contours of my spine.
Your kisses were fire.
Trailing tender pink memories in their wake.
I wanted to take your scars,
To bare them as my own
But the autumn winds shifted.
The stars, lost to crystals etched on window panes.
The chain-link fence intertwining ourselves
Lay contorted amidst bristle and thorns,
Weakened in your absence.
The fingerprints of winter settling heavy on your eyelids
Trailing over paper skin
Stealing you; The tender soul of the harvest moon
Leaving the hollowed eyes of a dying oak to comfort this grieving heart of mine.

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