No Filter

My entire life, I was told I need
A filter, think before you speak, right?
I've even gotten in trouble for not having a filter before. I'm a good kid,
But I don't always think before I speak
I always have a filter when I write, though
So taking my filter away is good
And bad at the same time. I don't quite know
How exactly I feel about this, it's
Liberating and imprisoning at the same time
If I didn't have a filter, I guess
I'd just tell you to pay for my college-
Because it's not very easy to get a liberal arts degree when you're from a blue-collar family
But not having a filter isn't always the best thing
Because when I don't have a filter I completely ignore the meter I established earlier in my poem,
But that's not the most important thing-
The most important thing I can say,
When I don't have a filter, that is,
Is that I'm scared.
I'm terrified to go to college
I'm terrified to be in a place where I don't know anybody,
A place where the buildings are taller than the trees
A place where literally anything could happen
The real thing is though, literally anything can happen if Cam isn't filtered,
So, I don't really think I'll be needing one anymore
Besides, if I'd wanted my life to have a filter,
I'd be majoring in photography, not English

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