no problems

Tue, 02/12/2019 - 13:59 -- tfawkes

‘I don’t have a problem.’

He said as he takes another swig of whiskey.


‘I don’t have a problem’

She said as she swallows her third Xanax of the day


‘I don’t have a problem’

He said as he ignites the flame under his silver spoon.


‘I’m going to be okay’

She said as she looks into her mother's dejected face.


‘It’s my last time’

He told his friend as he tightened the rubber band around his arm.


‘It’s only $15’

She tells herself as she steals her young daughter's money.


‘Mom never wore it anyways’

He said as he traded the gold necklace for a plastic baggie.


‘I want to get better’

She says as she dozes off.


‘I’m going to be gone for a few days’

He says as he hugs his kid's goodbye before going on his “work trip”.


‘I’m home!’

She squeals at her mom


‘Daddy's home!’

The little girl exclaims as she sees her father looking happier than ever.


‘I’m back here again?’

He says to himself as he stares at the spoon.


‘I’m back here again?’

She says as the pills slither down her throat.


‘Daddy wake up!’

The little girl screams as dad lay asleep on the floor.


‘Get out!’

Her mother said, choking back tears.


Everyone says

‘It will never be me!’



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