An Obituary

What do I do without rehab

For surely the apocalypse has struck, and I must need recovery

Pray give my insanity mercy

Whereby lady liberty is the symbol of hypocrisy?

Disrobe the establishment and face me bare

Truth exposed, as is my right

Else I shall unlock the door the dog’s cage fight


Queue quote John Adams, “The happiness of society is the end of government.”

Historical phrases fazes democracy for brief allocated periods

 Lasting long enough to inject injustice into the oblivious

I speak from experience


It’s a recipe for manipulation from the Constitution of How To Brainwash

We the Robots

We of Generation X are one more for Project X and dreams come true

Well I for one have old-fashioned views, creatively conservative if you will

And I have a dream that all genders be created equal


What do I do to open a crack without creating a rift?

Let the light in without blinding the mice in the trap

How can we reel in the ship of progress that’s gone out to bay

Shrinking to an irrelevant speck on the horizon

How can we stop sinking money into bombs over butter

Farewell to the dear dead democracy, fallen to the dragon

Imagine: a world where a cop tazes the 1st amendment, and is applauded 

Desensitized, taking lives?

I’m horrified.


It’s not a rich man’s war fought by the poor anymore

It’s our play to stage and so I implore you

Look deeper before you are back to square one.


I’m stunned, while a kid is gunned down for skittles,

 Though he drops not for the wound but for the acid applied

When he’s televised, scrutinized, - guilty

Villanized on account of dying



Raise of hands to all those who remember what rights were

Who stood for something before they slipped on the glassy floor

Of our kingdom

In this great free world

We’re a brave new world

Who never read the small print on the release form to our identity

What can I do to a system well-oiled from within the clockwork of society

No need to enslave the already driven that come quietly

We darling sinners behave reliably


We constitute our concern to the king’s chaotic union

We subjugate ourselves to robotic oppression

Done by fierce faith in the flawless palace of our nation

Under a sparkling glass ceiling

It is our condition of being


From Gainsborough’s “Siddons” to the Greensboro sit-ins

I’d wish for a Renaissance if only our hippies weren’t their plastered idols

I’d wish for clarity if it didn’t sting as truth often does, (What can I do! )

With two feet nailed to the ground, tethered to this earth

But with our heads in the clouds

Our lives are stretched so thin they’re transparent

I can see contained nothing, empty purpose, caught in a snare

There’s nothing there to reflect the spontaneity of society

This dome is perfectly manicured around us working ants

What do I do in a world without endurance for thought?


Without powerful words?


Raise the glass, tip it back

Have another sip, relax

Clank bottles and cans

Cheers, my fellow dogs, my ants  

And to our finest mindless mice

A toast to the nonbelievers and to

Our dear departed friend


Democracy – the sacrifice. 


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