One Job...


One job can change your entire life. We all have a "dream job", or maybe just something we want to do without geting paid.

Inspiration has no face, no race, no gender. We all have a burning desire deep down inside to do something. Some of us are unsure what that "something" is right now. Some of us figure it out, some of us go about aimlessly, job to job, searching for what's been inside us all along.

Whether you're from the projects or the suburbs, we all have a desire to do something that completes us. From the little boy in the projects, who's lullaby are sirens, who watches the grass grow so tall, the snakes become unseen. Those eyes yearn for something different. Something new. An escape.

To the little girl in the suburbs, who's lullaby is the silence and emptiness. Who watches the grass get cut twice a week, she wants something else. An outside world, but where? At this point in our life, getting ready for college, is very challenging. We feel the pressure to do it all. We feel the need to do what our parents want, and what our teachers want. But, what about what we want? What we desire?

We go to college searching, hoping, waiting. With all the distractions in life, how can we possibly know what we truly want? That's why I've made it a goal to separate myself from the world sometimes, mentally. In my mind, everything is so clear. All my desires, my hopes and dreams, there they are. Waiting just for me.

One job can change your entire life. Being a neuro-surgeon can change everything. Everyday, the life of someone else is left in your hands. "Don't mess up", you tell yourself. The pressure comes strong everyday. There is no time to think. Just do. Now, everyday of your life becomes stressful, anxious, and busy. You're so busy saving other people, you can't even save yourself.

One job can change our entire life. How do you handle it all? How do you come back to reality? Then, you rememeber this is excatly what you've wanted to do the entire time. This is what was burning in your soul from the time you were looking out the window at the grass, to the time you're looking down helping someone survive. The truth is, everything we want to do will impact our everyday lives, we just have to find what that "thing" is that will make it all worth it.

One job can change your entire life. It's up to you to make sure it affects you positively, every day of your life.

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