One Job...May Change My Life


Everyone will argue their favorite sport,

whether it’s on a field or on a court.

It’s the umpire yelling "Strike three!"

or the crowd rumbling when there's a penalty.

They all have something in common though,

injuries like a broken femur or even a big toe.

There’s always that one person at the school,

who is ready to respond and keep their cool.

She will make countless ice bags and have lines across the floor,

but somehow she manages to keep them moving out the door.

Some days feel long while others seem short,

but she knows all of the athletes will need her support.

Although this may not seem appealing to most,

at times the smell makes it hard to be close.

It’s when they walk in the door with a tear in their eye,

questioning if their dream of playing has to die,

I want to be that person that tells them “No,

if they stick with me they will be good to go”.

It’s things like these that will continue to change me,

helping athletes to be the best that they can be.

This is what I want, it’s all a no-brainer.

I dream of becoming an Athletic Trainer.


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