One Man

“Red and yellow BLACK and WHITE
They are precious in his sight…”
Words and songs sometimes forgotten,
Decomposed, spoiled, and rotten.
For one to rule over others not like him
Sends our world into a frenzy of sin.
We hate, we curse, we desecrate.
We scream, we defile and seal our fate.
Why can’t we toss aside our foolish pride?
Why can’t one think of someone else inside?
Are we so selfless that we cannot see past
The countless colors that our world has possessed?
If one could stand among his friends
And help change and shape their perspective.
If one could think outside the box
And imagine life with purer thoughts.
If one man or women could walk ‘til tomorrow
In the shoes or sandals of another fellow.
If one father could reason with his young child
That race and color do not compile
Of a flock of fighters, fighting at war
That earns no victory reflecting decades before.
One man can start a spark of fire,
Blazing from his heart a good desire.
If that man will stand for Civil Rights,
Hope is bound to make its flight.



Wow! This is amazing!

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