The Open Cage

Sun, 08/06/2017 - 14:40 -- lookdie

The Open Cage

The cage door remains flung wide

Yet the bird remains inside,

Trapped by the wide open door,

Blue like the world he won’t tour.

Refusing to walk away

In the cage he’s there to stay,

Crippled by his addiction.


Addiction to suffering,

Even to imagining,

Trapped by his own blind rage,

Forever trapped in his cage.

Refusing to see the door

Hearing fragrant tales of yore


Entrapped by his addiction.


Disrupts himself from flying,

Daying and slowly dying.

Dark fountain of illusion

Drags his ensnared diffusion. Diffusion within his trap,

Draining his life tap by tap.


Destroyed by his addiction.


When another bird comes, still,

Flying through the window sill,

The bird remains stuck, frozen,

As the fate he has chosen.

 The Helping hand holds his headway.

This bird but a blue jay,


Banished by his addiction.


Not answering the bird's call,

Entering his slow, dark fall

Within the open cage floor.

Trapped, stuck, unable to soar.

Rejecting help from his friend,

Pushed back towards the bitter end.


Foredoomed by his addiction.


His blue jay friend cawing out,

Screeching out into a shout.

The open door blocks away

That poor, old, lonely, blue jay.

The nightingale left him.

The blue jay, fallen, shaken


Killed by his addiction.

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