The Other Half of My Heart

This is a love letter about how much you mean to me.

We are two bright minds, two old souls, and two battered hearts

That join together perfectly at the seams.

It was God who brought us together, you and I.

I can never thank Him enough for it.

My stomach turns like those roller coasters did that day at the thought of realizing

That the person I’d been searching for to cradle my heart

Was right next to me in that line withstanding that September heat.


That day, a spark ignited within, joining our two hearts.

I am the wick and you are my flame,

And our love shall never grow dim or be extinguished.

In my wildest dreams, I could not find anyone more perfect than you.

You are my fire and my light.

Your touch burns me, but not with the intent to harm.

I embrace all of your warmth and compassion.

You ignite my soul and I glow with your same radiating light.


I owe all of my happy days to you, from now until forever.

You keep me calm, you keep me sane.

You continue to save me from my inner demons and anxieties.

You weather the storms alongside me, and I do the same for you.

I give you my bleeding heart and you support it with your callused hands,

And I cherish all the moments where your soul shines bright.

My life is complete and full because you alone are at the center.

You are the perfect reflection of God’s love, and I am grateful for you.


Together, wrapped in your arms, is the best place to be.

As the stars need space surrounding them, I need to be in your arms.

I feel your heartbeat and I know that I am home.

With all the words of encouragement and prayers shared between us,

There is no bond stronger than this.

You are my best friend and my other half.

I never thought someone could mean this much to me.

I want to spend the rest of eternity with you.


I know that we’ll keep growing closer, discovering new things

To love about each other.

And if love is a raging fire, so dangerous and wild,

Then let you and I burn until we are merely embers.

Let our love for each other and our love for Christ set fire to all in our path

Because our ardor is so strong.

Darling, whatever complexities or troubles come our way

Please know that there is always going to be laughter, hope, and love.


No words in this life could ever sum up what you mean to me,

But here I am trying my very best.

To capture how you make me feel is an impossible task.

But from all of this, please know that I am your jewel and you are my rock.

And as long as I live, I will never leave your side.

There is no one I would rather share the life God has given me with.

I am yours, forever and always.

– Your other half

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