"Pad n' Pen"

"Paper has more paitence than people,"
a simple saying by Anne Frank that should be an ornate ode.
Ya'll will believe me, just grab a pad n' pen.
With them two, I can speak of my magical dreams,
and tell the tale of my lowest highs
over and over again.
Even if I made an error
my friends wouldn't deafen in a single ear,
or start to scathe with scorn.
Naw, they just listen-reguardless the length of thought,
from a horrible haiku to a silly sonnet.
They just hear me out, know what I mean?
Yeah, it's awsome having them two
around, especially when I need to
chase away the rain cloud in my brain.
With Pad's blank canvas, I get an idea
and draw it out from the well in my mind's Mecca
with Pen.
I love how these two help me be heard
with no words needing to be said
in return.

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