from passion

Tue, 04/30/2013 - 00:39 -- fummala


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i believe love is
the opposite of hate
though they both stem from passion
i love you means
i’ll be patient
and kind
enduring and true
no matter what we may go through
i love you means i want what's best for you
even if it’s not what i want
not what i planned
or if i never see you again
i want every day to be sunny
and secure for you
within all my power i’ll do what i can do
thats what i mean when i say i love you

i believe passion is
a strong feeling
so much so that
it can be dangerous
passion can cloud
judgement, but it keeps us alive
picking the direction is what we decide

i believe hate is
the opposite of love though
they both stem from passion
i hate something means
it is somthing
i have not
will not
cannot stand
no matter what the reprimand
not caring if i break decorum
i hate means i want the worst for you
in everything you endeavor
i want to to fail
and you never deserve to smile
because of what you've done to me
so in all honesty i cannot say
there is anything i hate


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