Baby it’s that look in Your Eyes

Your Hungry touch on my trembling thighs

The taste of you lips

The grind of your hips

The lustful breaths we take

As my hands being to rake

Your curly hair and firm back

And Your hands clenching

My small rack

Baby it’s the Hungry squeeze of my waist

As Our yearning Hearts race

In the Heat of our Passion

It’s a wonder that our clothes are still Fastened

I want You and You believe

You Need me too...

Fulfill your desire

Baby you could Burn me

With Your Love’s Fire

You could leave me Charred

Now that You are rock solid, rock Hard

Baby it’s the ride of Your wandering and exploring hands

As they discover my Netherlands

My whimpers and Your sighs

That all started with

That Hungry Look

In Your Sexy Eyes



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