The Place Where Strength and Creativity Meet

The place where creativity and strength meet, that’s somewhere I long to be. To write is to regurgitate raw emotion on a page But raw emotion tends to come from a dark and frigid place from the deepest deeps of depression  Raw emotion come from the fiery and sweaty tropics known as rage Raw emotion comes from loneliness, jealousy, heartache, and addiction. Absolute beauty comes from the ugliest places But how am i suppose to go to these places to produce pieces and not feel broken all over again I want this talent of mine to give me power not destroy me I bet it’s beautiful in the place where creativity and strength meet There is probably fields of green green grass and meadows of white daisies There are women dressed in brightly colored gowns made out of the most luxurious fabrics There are men dressed in expensive suits, waiters carrying trays of food that’s prepared in abundance  In the land where creativity and strength meet there is no tears just sunshine and smiles. Now all I do is wish for a map that will point me in that direction 


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