Poetic Life Lines

Every thought I have has always been concealed
Confined to my pens rhymes as I strive to keep it real
When my pen hits paper, all bets are off
Allowing me to walk the tightrope of my thoughts
So I open my heart to say something more than a love show
Don’t believe the lies that people tell you
Be dedicated to the progression of every move
Because all things have got to improve
Even though nothing feels the same
And the ones who don’t know the tales of my heart think I’ve changed
The honesty within me leaves me vulnerable to exchange
So it gets too easy to hide and replay
Re-plan and remake
But then God speaks to me and says do only what I say
Touch the lives of all those who don’t think they have a way
So I show every color of my pain
So that maybe it's all endurable at the end of their day
Cool rhymes and crafted word play
Look me in my eyes and see where my story lies
Does it hold value or can it be compromised?
I ask myself this every time I write a line
See sometimes we wear masks according to where our story lies
But stories lie
And we’re merely a coward behind a façade
So find yourself before anybody else can
Before youre convicted as a lost act
So I thank you poetry for my life back
And a needed life line
For this oh so twisted life of mine


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