Poor Eyes

What wrong have I committed

Why do you those eyes look at me with hate

All I want is a safe place and a full plate

I am a person just like the rest

I work everyday from sunrise to sunset

I come from my hometown to have a better life

But with every step I get backstabbed with a knife

I walk this earth with an eye on me

Not to care for me but to limit me

I see that others are able to spend time with their next of kin                             

I am always worrying where I am and where I have been

I am only able to give my twins love, food and a calm grin

 I am not able to express what I feel for them

They carry the burden of being a minority

Never being a priority

Always being monitored by the authorities

We did not choose to be who we are

But everyone holds it against us by assaulting us orally

Help me and others in my situation

We do not want to get arrested by the police or immigration

We just want to live in peace in this nation

Next time you see one of us struggling to pay for food

Help us as much as you can. Please and thank you

This poem is about: 
Our world