Matthew 26:11

“...for the poor you have with you always...”


The poor


“The poor you will always have with you”... is what Jesus said.

When Jesus was anointed for His death … the poor became an issue.

They were raised up like an idol … before a Caring Holy God

Still appearing today in grief … drying eyes because of misuse.


Emotions run very deep … but that is not caring or empathy

Compassion surely knows … “that all things work together for good”.

To bring closer to Holiness … the ones who believe and trust Him

“and are called according to His purpose” … not well understood.


So the poor can’t be an idol … but possibly are His purpose

To show the world solemnly … what depravity can do

That the greed of many … can keep food out of the mouth of others

And this is so infectious … that it spreads faster than the flu.



Jan Wienen


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My community
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Our world