I am colorful.

Like a palette of sephora eye shadows.

I look like the next human being, but let me compliment a woman on how beautiful she is

and suddenly, I don't measure to the average human?

What has the world come to?

Morally, everyone believes a man should be with a woman.

Any REAL person can't help who they love.

A REAL person that knows REAL love understands that love doesn't have a gender.

I will never hide who I really am to please and be accepted by society

I will suppress my feelings about who I am to make someone like me

I will walk with my head held high

and hold my lover's hand

I will walk the streets smiling with my woman on my arm

I will show everyone that we aren't causing any harm

I will show everyone that we can be happy

I will show everyone that we can rise to the top with our lifestyle choices

We will not fail to succeed because of what others believe will happen

and as we head back to my home,

we will go to my move and I will make love to her through my words

this isnt physical sex this is call intellect

I will spill my knowledge, intellect, and creativity inside her

drench her in my humor

cover her with security, confidence and trust

emabrace her with my humbleness

enlighten her with my smile

I will hold her with certainty to insure her that I will never let her go

for I will always be by her side

no one will make me hide






Was was absolutely beautiful. I love your comparison to a sephora eyeshadow palette, that's incredibly creative! xx

B Murphy

Love it

Evil Angel

Amazing! The make-up comparision was great! Never let society tell you who you should be or how you should be. You're worth so much more than that. 


I absolutely love this!