Americans claim to be free,

But are we truly free when the gender inside does not match with the on on the outside?

Americans claim to have rights,

But should the ability to love someone have to be voted on by a group of clowns in business suits?

Americans claim to be the most civilized,

But can a people who kill only because someone shows thier true selves even be called human?

Americans claim to have the most fun,

But how could someone consider beating down those around them "fun"?

Americans claim.

We claim our rights, our beliefs, and our passions,

But we also deny those very same values to the people around us who we feel are different.

I say we claim.

We claim the gender that we feel on the inside.

I say we claim.

We claim that very basic of rights to love who we choose.

I say we claim.

I say we stand and claim what should be ours as well as theirs.

I say we claim.

I say we claim our lives, our gender, our loves, and if we so choose, our lack thereof.

Claim your peace.

It is reserved for you to rightfully retrieve.

Make your proclamation.

This poem is about: 
My country


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