A Question of Worth

Have you ever felt inadequate, like you'll never amount to  anything, like you'll never accomplish your goals, like the people who tell you you'll only amount to nothing are actually right.That maybe, just maybe, they're telling you the truth.

Have you ever felt small, lost, and forgotten. like no one was paying attention, like you could just disappear and be replaced by this invisible clear air.

Like that boy and that girl will never know your name, even though they're always running through your brain. Have you ever felt down, thrown around, and lost beyond despair . Like a baby who tries so hard to stand but always hits the floor with a big BANG! but unlike that baby, you think, “I'll never stand.”

But let me ask you a question, is it not fear that creates a sound , that drives the engine home, that without it you would never know to never ever back down, to prove them wrong because you'll always be right.

And when you're lost you want to be found, but the problem with being found is that you must wait to be found.

Wait for another to find you, instead of finding yourself.

simply pick yourself up right now.

You're not a bother, you're a gift to which none can compare.

To someone out there you're the stars and the moon, and even the constellations too.

So ask yourself a question are you in adequate or are you great?

Will I stay around and wait?

But remember that no one likes to wait.

So why would you wait on yourself?

You are your keeper your lover and your savior.

I will not help you,I cannot help you, because I am My keeper,My lover, and My Savior.

I must help myself and not wait to be found.

I did not write this to change your life, to tell you what to do, or what I think is right.

I wrote from my head the thoughts I thought instead.

This poem is about: 
My community
Our world


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