Hiding behind masks of polish and shine

While, in reality, our faces are just fine

Behind the filters of expectations

There are unheard declarations

"I look ugly and fat."

"Does this selfie look good?"

"Maybe this filter will work..."

My face

Pores like the face of the moon, eyes wide like a loon

My hair

Tousled in a messy fashion, a lazy style lacking passion

My clothes

Wrinkled and sometimes torn, faded and looking worn

But with a click of the lens

And some photo 'cleanse'

It transforms me from gritty to pretty

Overall, in the end

We can't hide what we are

Or who we are

So we should wear ourselves proudly

Stand up and shout loudly

"This is who I am, and I should not be ashamed of it!"

Because in the end

Whatever the trend

We are all beautiful


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