The raw truth


I am not who you say I am.

I am who, I am, says I am.

You say you know me, but in reality you don’t even know yourself.

So wrapped up in that bottle, you forgot to ask for Jesus help.

Thinking that bottle and money can cure you.

Not realizing its infecting you.

Infecting your soul, mind and body.

Making those things your idols, instead of calling on Jesus.

Wondering why your life has fallen apart.

As if you don’t know you let it go.

Let it go right into the enemies hands.

Acting as if you didn’t know who I am is.

You put things before Jesus, trying to satisfy your thirst.

Not realizing those things only make you thirstier.

Always blaming me, my father and God, but never contemplating who your enemy is truly.

Your enemy comes to seek, kill and destroy.

And you act like it’s through me.

Like it’s through me your life is horrible.

Like it’s though the things my father put you through that your life is so broken.

Not realizing that God never left you.

You left God.

Keep wandering around acting clueless.

And your life will soon be eternally burned.

Keep acting as if you don’t know.

And believe you me the enemy will only become more present.

Acting like God forgot you.

Not realizing you forgot God.

Forgot to ask God to help you.

Forgot to ask God to save you.

Instead you turned to that bottle, that man and all that money.

Acing like they could save you.


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