The Real World

Thu, 11/14/2013 - 11:44 -- daron95


Area of a square, Solve for x
Who was the 16th president, when did he die
Whats the atomic number for Radium
We could answer that all day

How to file taxes, submitting your W-2 forms
What about buying a house, or balancing a check book
Necessary things to introduce us to the Real World

The Real World, where debt is plaguing our people
The Real World, where bad credit exist
The Real World, where homes are being foreclosed
The Real World, where our youth is not prepared for
The Real World

We can all name every roman war
But can we properly write a check
We can all solve for the unknown
But can we solve why the bill collectors keep calling

Our youth is growing in a box for 12 years
Only to be let out in a foreign land
Foreign to some, Real World to others

Show us the way, introduce us to this land
Stop following the plan set in motion by the man
Let us learn what really matters, show us all you can
Now that right there sounds like a plan