You’ve been waiting for this moment

You swallow your pride and dignity

You confess everything you’ve been wanting to say

Just for a reply that he doesn’t feel the same way


Time stops

Your heart hasn’t caught up with your brain

You stare motionless 

HE was the one reason you wore that dress


You choke up a smile

You manage to say “Oh that’s fine!”

You walk back to your car

Trying to get away, trying to go far


But this is something you can’t run from

It stays with you

You can’t help who you love

He just isn’t your dove


Where did I go wrong?

Am I not good enough?

Should I just quit?

I’m stuck in this bottomless pit


Rejection is hard

Hard to handle

Hard to comprehend

But one you can cope with it

You start all over again




Just had a day

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