I remember the day we met 

                    So much laughter and smiles 

                    Too young to see the danger 

                 I didn’t know the devil you were 

          That youd fill me with so much anger and tears 

            Everyday I woke with only you on my mind 

                      Despreate for your love 

                  But you locked me in a cell 

                Made me live in constant fright  

               Through time I saw you were evil 

                         I tried to get away 

                   But you would not let me go  

                    Then one day it happened  

                      I decided then and their 

               That I would get up and just leave 

                   You will never take my life  

                 No longer will I cry these tears 

                Im prepared for this difficult ride 

                     If it kills me to leave you 

                       Then ill gladly die 

                     From this day forward  

              I will be strong and I will smile 




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