On The Run.

My size 9 tennis shoe hits the dirt with each passing second

My mind wanders from the adventures of the past to the exitments of the future

As I run my body groans to stop

My mind carries me further

My heartbeats rythm is consistant as if it is static noise

As my body continues to move I feel as though I am weightless

A single atom in air

As though my once strenuous task is semmingly effortless

The world around me is still

As if I am the only essance of motion

The sun reflects against the waving leaves

The gentle breeze seems to carry me along the trail

As I step over obstacles along the way, I feel as though Im bounding

I feel as though I could never stop, as though running is in its self, is a state of being.


I Enjoy running and the stress releaving sport that it is. I hope others are able to try it and feel the same.



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