Russian Roulette

Mon, 04/08/2013 - 20:23 -- desi


United States
40° 47' 21.8688" N, 74° 54' 54.1116" W

It all started with a click
I entered the game, unafraid because I knew His mercy was new
Ready for whatever came my way because He would never leave me
I’d point and click, taking my chances
He said “don’t take this life for granted”
Ignoring His voice, I continued to pull the trigger
I figured this is the last time
But I’m not Trey Songz,
Eventually something will go wrong
Each click helped me perform a new trick
Deceived yet so pleased that I could keep going
But I was tricked
My sin had me fixed upon
.. Heading in the wrong direction
His voice (yet again) suggested
“Fall on your knees and come back to me”
My voice overpowered his
And I pulled the trigger….
Unleashing a world full of pain which was created with one grain of
My desires helped me finally win
And it all started with one click



Hope my experience encourages you to end your own trouble

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