To See


To See


It's your first day of high school

Same old friends but all new

Looking for your locker

You hear about soccer

But money's really tight

If you could see

It'd be just right

Thinking in your head

About all that's been said

Sorry you're not good enough

Your skills are horrid

You just suck

I'm never gonna join their team

I get my ball

They watch me leave

I walk straight home

I'm all alone

I throw it all down the hall

I try not to think again

When will this ever end

I know they're wrong

And it's not true

If only God

I wish they knew

Now your work is piling up

You beg your parents

There's not enough

Time is flying by this year

Christmas is here

You cry a tear

Then your parents tell you this

There was one thing on your list

The next day we went

There I was sent

I came out alright

It was all worth the fight

I went back to school

I'm popular and Cool

I ran really fast

And finally at last

I can see really well

And soccer is swell  


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