Servant Sir Hollywood

together we mince with each other between
the thimble touch by which we to swing
loking forword from the delight that people scream
haunted by the ambiance far from within

a breakfast sandwich to curtail the again
we are the host to remain strong to suffering
engaging in the triumph with a whole host of bread
prepare for nasty weather keep things clean

Hollywood is for those who search to clean
the ambiance to believe this much we sing
take a hold of the frost when in frozen mix
gone are the days we search from within to see

love is a flow onto another episode below
we are here in velvet care plead to suffer
the chairs and tables cover this much we discover
a naked billlboard in the west ahead off the coast

reaching fragand honey vent good cause to vent
stand amidst the circle covered the wheel chair
tired..,weak & barren
nestled to the weary

This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world


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