She made me cry.

She left a scar.

She hurt me every way possible.


She didn't mean to.

She didn't mean not to.

She still did.


She left.

She didn't give me a bandaid or a pain killer.

Not that I wanted either.

No. I did. I needed one bad.

But not from her.

She had hurt me enough


No one understands the feelings I feel

So sad, I cry

Needing a hug. But not wanting one

Wanting to laugh but not being ablpe to

The voice box broke in me along with other things

Wanting to leave this place. I can't

Can't hurt my family anymore than she did


She made me cry

She left a scar

She hurt me every way possible


She didn't mean to

She didn't mean not to

But that doesn't change that she did


But I have a new one

Who cares more

Who loves harder

Who listens a lot

Who actually wants to


So then I smile

and try to look forward

not knowing what's ahead