She, is Me

Tue, 11/03/2015 - 17:23 -- Janay

The 5'10 brown skinned 206 boned female

Waking up & realizing that God has blessed her to see another dayThe girl who seeks every opportunity to catch a saleWhile being cautious of what she does & tends to say The girl whose exuberant personality makes you smile Little do they know she has often cried herself to sleepThe love she has for people & for whom she will always go the extra mileTaking each step day by day constantly reminding herself that it is not that deep The excessive laughter & rare picking of the nose is what makes her , herDaily reminders of "fix your face" vibrantly shown on a little tv screen placed in her headThe mannerly language she uses like yes ma'am & no sir"I got it" being yelled in dreaming of her passion for volleyball while asleep in her bed She is JoyousShe is AwesomeShe is NiceShe is Adventurous She is YouthfulShe is, Janay She is ME.  

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