She versus Me

She looked and frowned,

I looked and smiled,

She glares, She stares,

At things that are not there,

Because she doesn’t see
All the things that we could be.

She’s too quick to doubt,
Too quick to fuss,
And too slow to see,
What she does to us.

Opportunities pass her by,
Because she is too frightened to try.

Her voice, her opinion, her life extension-is nonexistent,

Because she never speaks it into existence.


I do.

Because she is not me,

It is she versus me,

I versus her,

And I am nothing like her.


Things she would let stand,

I make fall.

I smile, I do not frown.

I don’t stare, nor do I glare,

Because she is not me.


She’s angry, she’s trapped,

I’m free, I flap-my wings

So high into the sky.


I live, I breathe,

I see all the dreams,

And things that could never be,

When she was me.

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