in side my mind


United States
39° 16' 51.024" N, 119° 48' 43.488" W

Inside my mind object are not what they seem
They turn into something else, something amazing others do not understand
Inside my mind some would call me insane
Because I don't think what others do, In the spring It feels like the plants are sing a sweet tune and that tune glides on the wind
And I hear that tune
Others listen and hear nothing
Many ask what goes on in side my mind?
And I hesitate
For I am afraid of sometime what goes on in my own mind
At that time it makes me question
Inside my mind am I insane or insanely brilliant
What do I say what does go on inside my mind?
I guess I don't know
Now I what I could
Inside my mind life is differently seen
Inside my mind there is an imagination wanting to be set free
Inside my mind I am insanely brilliant
And artistic


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